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FigBytes Strengthens ESG Offering with Expanded Philanthropy and DEI Capabilities


OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 17, 2022. FigBytes, creators of the leading environmental, social, governance (ESG) insight platform for strategy, data, reporting and stakeholder engagement, today announced the expansion of their philanthropy and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) solutions. These new features of FigBytes’ award-winning ESG Insight Platform, provide organizations with advanced DEI and philanthropy capabilities to better manage their corporate responsibility and social programs within their overall sustainability strategy.    

“Social impact has risen in prominence, due to global events and mega-trends changing the ways firms operate, as well as growing attention being paid to the social pillar that comprises part of the ESG scores for investment decision-making,” said Guy Lewis, ESG and Sustainability analyst with independent research firm, Verdantix. “Using platforms that provide a complete view of management initiatives across E, S and G will be an increasingly appealing approach for organizations.” 

FigBytes Philanthropy Solution

Stakeholders are increasingly voicing how much they value corporations that positively impact and give back to their communities. Today, corporate responsibility and philanthropy initiatives are key ways that organizations can embrace social efforts and demonstrate to their customers, employees, shareholders, and communities, that they are not only giving back but doing so with purpose and in line with their public commitments. 

FigBytes’ Philanthropy solution enables companies to streamline and better manage their corporate giving programs alongside their ESG and sustainability initiatives. It bridges the gap between philanthropy and organizational sustainability data to achieve a holistic ESG view for ease of management, reporting, and communication. The solution helps organizations to stay focused on giving back through charitable contributions such as donations, volunteerism, sponsorships, in-kind donations, and more. FigBytes’ Philanthropy solution also ensures these initiatives are accurately managed, tracked and reported on, and are easily shared with employees and the communities they serve. 

FigBytes DEI Solution 

Similarly, diversity, equity, and inclusion have grown significantly in importance and are an essential part of an organization’s success, and a critical part of a healthy, happy and growing culture. DEI is also critical for attracting and retaining top talent and employees are demanding that organizations be more transparent with their DEI initiatives. However, traditional DEI programs and data have been primarily internal initiatives or goals managed by HR departments. Unfortunately, DEI initiatives often become siloed from an organization’s overall ESG tracking and reporting process. FigBytes’ DEI solution removes these barriers and ensures the tracking of metrics pertaining to employee retention, representation, employee resource groups or DEI committees are now part of a holistic ESG view with ease of management, reporting, and communication in mind. 

“Organizations are increasingly seeking an improved, more integrated approach to tracking, managing, and reporting on their corporate responsibility, philanthropy and DEI initiatives,” explains Ted Dhillon, co-founder and CEO, FigBytes. “These social initiatives are important to the organization and its customers, employees, and other stakeholders and naturally should be managed alongside carbon accounting, water stewardship, and supplier transparency. Simplifying the management, reporting, strategy and stakeholder engagement of all ESG and sustainability initiatives is the primary driver behind our expanded offering.” 

FigBytes Celebrates Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Across Its Workforce 

As organizations answer the call from stakeholders to deliver on their DEI commitments, transparent, data-driven proof will become the norm. FigBytes recently completed its inaugural workplace DEI survey and is pleased to share the positive results from its ongoing commitment to DEI:  

  • FigBytes has a highly diverse workforce with over 50% of employees identifying as Asian, Black, Indigenous, Latin, and Middle Eastern.  
  • An average score of 93% when employees were asked about whether the company values diversity, understands the importance of diversity, and prioritizes the building of diverse teams. 
  • A score of 90% for offering equal opportunities to employees of all backgrounds and range of identities.  
  • An average score of 92% when employees were asked if they experienced a sense of belonging and felt respected by colleagues. 

Product Availability 

FigBytes Philanthropy and DEI solutions are now available. For more information, please visit:   

About FigBytes

FigBytes helps companies and governments plan, track, and fulfill goals along their environmental, social, governance (ESG) journey. Its ESG Insight Platform helps integrate strategy, align data, and report on progress while engaging stakeholders. To learn more, visit

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