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Philanthropy Management: Measure for Good

Track and report your team’s charitable contributions

Bridge the Gap Between Philanthropy and ESG

Bridge the gap between philanthropy and sustainability activities to truly incorporate the S in your ESG strategy. 

Share your community impact and meet corporate promises by managing your donation and volunteering programs in a single solution that aligns your corporate responsibility and ESG goals.

Create a clear picture of donations

given and matched with data collection tools that allow employees and HR to enter and validate data.

Track volunteer hours,

including company sponsored events and individual contributions, in a single system that integrates philanthropy with overall ESG performance.

Share with employees, investors, and customers

how you are supporting them, your community, and the charities you’re aligned with using data-driven reports.

Strategy Management

The FigBytes ESG platform unites your philanthropy and ESG programs using strategy maps that visualize charity within the ESG landscape and provide one-click access to KPIs and report cards.

Data Management

Our scalable, flexible ESG Data Management module helps you manage your philanthropy data with:

Analytics & Reporting

The FigBytes ESG Platform provides out-of-the-box philanthropy dashboards that help you:

Engagement Tools

The FigBytes ESG Platform’s Engagement module helps you show the world how much you care with microsites and infographics that report your contributions in real-time.

Beyond Climate: Sustainability's
Far-Reaching Impact

Companies are missing critical pieces of ESG by only monitoring the environmental metrics. In this brief, IDC analysts look beyond the “E” to look at the social and governance impacts of ESG. 

Take your corporate purpose from promise to performance and improve your community impact

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