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Water Stewardship

Take control of your water footprint

Understand and manage your water impact

With water scarcity affecting every continent on our planet, new regulations and mandatory reporting requirements are on the horizon. Future-focused organizations know that addressing the water crisis by managing water footprints and the impact on the communities around them positions them to take the lead as responsible water stewards. 

733 Million

people live in high and critically water-stressed countries


Of companies have substantial water risk in their direct operations or supply chains

The Challenge

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Inaccurate and manual data management

Incomplete technology solutions

Complicated requirements and calculations

Poor visibility from consumption to impact

The FigBytes Water Stewardship Solution

Map your water strategy

Make water stewardship an integral part of your sustainability strategy by identifying your water risks, setting consumption and impact targets, and delivering on your commitments to the communities where you operate. 

FigBytes Strategy Module
Aerial view of water dam

Align water data

Capture qualitative and quantitative consumption data from across your organization and convert it into virtual water risks while identifying the process hotspots that drive your green, grey, and blue water footprints to better align resources for improvement. 

FigBytes Data Module

Automate your water reporting

We simplify reporting with automated mapping to leading water frameworks like GRI, CDP, SASB, the Water Footprint Network, and the UN’s Water Mandate. 

FigBytes Frameworks Module
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Share your water stewardship progress

Engage your stakeholders in your water stewardship journey with real-time microsites and dynamic infographics that replace static sustainability reports and simplify storytelling for any audience. 

FigBytes Engagement Module
Our Technology

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Integrated ESG strategy and data with simple reporting and engagement.

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