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Water Impacts Redefined

Move from compliance to stewardship with FigBytes’ ESG Platform

Incorporate Water Stewardship in Your ESG Program

Understand and manage your water risks and impacts more efficiently.

Go beyond consumption tracking and become a responsible water steward with a centralized platform that aligns your sustainability efforts with organizational strategy and goals. 

Assess and predict your water risks

based on accurate data tracking and analysis to highlight the hotspots for your green, blue, and grey water footprints.

Move beyond water compliance

to understand and manage the virtual impacts of water usage on local communities with geography-based data collection and risk analysis.

Improve water data accuracy

and prepare for upcoming regulations by streamlining your ESG data management and automating ESG reporting with a single solution.

Strategy Management

Our ESG Strategy tools leverage operational data to predict water risks and identify the water hotspots to reduce your water footprint through:

Data Management

The FigBytes ESG Data Management module streamlines and automates the management of your water data, as well as:

Analytics & Reporting

Our ESG reporting functionalities mitigate financial and operational risks and simplify regulatory reporting. The Water Stewardship solution also:

Engagement Tools

The FigBytes ESG Platform turns data and reports into effective visuals with:

With FigBytes Water Stewardship
Solution, you will:

Tailored for industries that look beyond water consumption to mitigate water risks and community impacts

Food & Beverage

FigBytes Water Stewardship solution for the Food and Beverage industry helps operations, sustainability, and financial leaders understand the financial risks of water consumption and return in their manufacturing processes, navigate the growing regulations around food production, and manage the impact of their water footprint on the communities in which they operate.

Hospitality & Real Estate

FigBytes Water Stewardship solution for the Hospitality and Real Estate sectors helps operations and project leaders to assess water usage in their day-to-day operations and maintenance to identify and predict the economic, property, and community risks for a more sustainable future in their local communities.


FigBytes Water Stewardship solution for the Energy industry supports leaders to have a full grasp of their water usage, impact, and associated risks across their global operations to identify the hotspots in order to reduce their water footprint to meet the increasing investor and regulatory demands.

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