ESG Data: A Discussion With Skytop

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Ted Dhillon, co-founder and CEO of FigBytes, recently sat down with Skytop Editor-in-Chief Christopher Skroupa to discuss the future of ESG, greenwashing, and how the FigBytes ESG insight platform is helping organizations automate their sustainability programs—from strategy to ESG data capture and management, reporting, and stakeholder engagement.

Dhillon states, “We see a lot of companies tackling their carbon footprint, which is absolutely the environmental issue of the day. But ESG and sustainability are more than just carbon or climate accounting. And they are more than just environmental considerations. The next environmental, social, and governance challenges and mandates are not far off for organizations. Companies need to look at the whole ESG picture and future-proof their technology investments by choosing a single solution that unifies data from existing systems and across operations, and includes tools that elevate that data to a comprehensive picture of ESG performance. “

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FigBytes CEO Strives For a More Sustainable Future

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Ted Dhillon, co-founder and CEO of FigBytes, was recently featured in CBNation’s 30 Entrepreneurs Explain Their Motivation to Grow Their Business.

Dhillon states, “The motivation for growing my business stems from a deep passion for creating a more sustainable future for the world. At FigBytes, we believe making positive changes for the planet is possible. The more organizations we can help on their sustainability journey, the brighter our collective future. I am in the unique and exciting position to support organizations around the world at every step of their sustainability journey. Knowing that I can make a difference motivates me to keep going, even when it’s hard to do so.”

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