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Join FigBytes at GreenFin 22


On June 28th and 29th, 2022, the FigBytes team will be attending GreenFin 22 in New York. The event brings together an invitation-only group of ESG, sustainability, finance, and investment leaders to share insights into aligning sustainability and capital markets as well as showcase leading sustainable financial products and services—like your favorite ESG Platform, FigBytes!

Join us for our sponsored session, ‘ESG, Meet SEC: What You Need to Know’ on Wednesday, June 29th from 2:00-3 pm EST. The session features Kate Cacciatore, FigBytes Head of Sustainability and will deep dive into:

  • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) intention to bring transparency and credibility to ESG investments in the U.S.
  • Why the SEC aims to crack down on how ESG funds are compiled and marketed.
  • How are companies and investors going to be able to adopt the new disclosure requirements into existing frameworks?
  • And what needs to be done to meet new climate disclosure requirements?

And be sure to visit us at Olympic Ballroom Booth #8 to connect with the FigBytes team and be entered for a chance to win a NY Bakery Gift Box delivered to the winner’s home or office. For every new connection we make, we will also be planting a tree in their honour. And don’t miss your chance to have a sit down with any of FigBytes’ MVPs of ESG attending this year’s event:

What Else We’re Looking Forward to At GreenFin 22

As the premier ESG event aligning sustainability and capital markets, there are a lot of valuable and insightful discussions on the schedule. Here are some sessions we’re looking forward to checking out at this year’s sustainability and finance conference:

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

  • What is an ESG Score for? – 9:40 am EST
    • Accurate and reliable ESG ratings are key for sustainable investing to allocate capital toward long-term value creation and impact. But the credibility of third-party raters has taken a hit due to their disparate methodologies and information sources. Moreover, there is ample confusion in the market about what ESG ratings actually measure and mean. What will it take to create consistent, credible, and reliable ratings that allow the ESG space not just to grow, but to deliver?
  • Navigating the Organizational Challenges of ESG Integration – 12:00 pm EST
    • The journey to ESG integration in business operations, roles and responsibilities is never a straightforward path. ESG has started from many different organizational units, but the challenge now becomes how does a company completely integrate ESG into the culture, mindset, and practices? This roundtable discussion will allow participants to share how their organization has approached this challenge; and how they are evolving their ESG integration to meet these demands as well as uncover new opportunities.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

  • Water: A Rising Tide on the Corporate Agenda – 9:00 am EST
    • The global water crisis is both an economic and humanitarian crisis — an unmitigated risk to global supply chains, profits and the well-being of communities and populations around the world. Leading voices tackle the increased role corporate water investments have in driving meaningful collective action toward a water-positive future.
  • ESG: The Evolving Role of the Auditor – 3:15 pm EST
    • What is the current state of the ESG assurance landscape? What is the role of the auditor now and how will it change over the next few years? Public company auditors have an important role to play in the assurance landscape. Just like the audits of public company financial statements, third-party assurance from a public company audit firm enhances the reliability of ESG information presented by companies to investors and other stakeholders.

“I’m very excited for GreenFin 22 and the opportunity to connect with fellow sustainability professionals to discuss the future of ESG, sustainability, and capital markets. I’m also thrilled at the chance to speak alongside my fellow panelists and explore together different perspectives and ideas relating to the SEC’s proposed regulation on climate disclosures and the implications and opportunities of this changing landscape for companies,” Cacciatore shared as she and the team prepare for the fast-approaching event.

For more information on FigBytes at GreenFin 22 and how you can connect with us, visit our event page here.

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