Unison HQ & FigBytes Inc. Announce Partnership
New Joint Offering To Provide Clients With Complementary Stakeholder Intelligence and Sustainability Strategy Platform

DETROIT, MI November 7, 2018 /PRLog/ Unison HQ, (“Unison”) and FigBytes Inc., (“FigBytes”), today announced a partnership through which the companies will combine their product and service offerings to assist companies in better understanding their stakeholders’ opinions and expectations of them, and subsequently enable them to tailor their strategy, data, reporting and brand. The offering will provide clients a transparent and integrated reporting platform for the collection, analysis and communication of their social, environmental and economical data, and the means to track their performance against their goals to a better future.

Unison, a leader in strategic stakeholder intelligence, and FigBytes, a leader in SaaS sustainability software, cater to a diverse market including Fortune 500 corporations, government, and non-profits, spanning industries ranging from agriculture to technology. The joint offering will satisfy the market’s rapidly growing demand for strategic technology with a comprehensive portfolio of technology and processes to understand the preferences and opinions of their key stakeholders and achieve greater social, environmental, and economic outcomes.

This combined offering will provide a “one-stop-shop” for companies to understand better what their stakeholders expect from them and to deliver transparently against these expectations. It will provide organizations that grapple with reconciling their business and sustainability strategies with significant cost and time efficiencies, allowing them to manage sustainability and CSR programs in a way that complements their core business strategy and brand.

The partnership is a strong strategic fit, leveraging the two leading companies’ respective strengths, across six main areas:

  • Stakeholder insights
  • Materiality assessments
  • Strategy mapping and tracking
  • Sustainability and corporate responsibility data collection & management
  • Simplified sustainability and CSR reporting
  • Data-driven storytelling & brand enhancement

​​“Today’s announcement of a partnership with Unison is another solid step in our journey to provide the market with a totally integrated platform of cutting-edge sustainability modules, combined with leading advisory services,” said Colin Grant, Chief Revenue Officer of FigBytes. “We were an early identifier of the importance of sustainability and CSR within the boardroom and to a company’s core business strategy and brand promise. We are very excited to be able to integrate with Unison’s unique ability to “take the pulse” of key stakeholders, which is a perfect complement to FigBytes’ ability to map and track progress towards the company’s desired better future – transparently and in real-time.”

Unison CEO, Mohammad Hamid, said, “The relationship with FigBytes represents a powerful opportunity for Unison to significantly expand our offerings to Fortune 500 companies, almost all of which are tracking and reporting on social and environmental initiatives. FigBytes has clearly demonstrated its ability to apply its considerable expertise and technology offerings to not only become an innovative player in the space, but to become an industry leader. We’re excited to partner with FigBytes as we focus our combined energies on serving a broader range of customers with industry-leading strategic sustainability solutions.”

The partnership has been approved by the management of both companies and is effective as of November 2, 2018. It is expected to accelerate growth for both companies, including in FY 2018 Q4. During and after the transition from independent operations to the partnership, customers will experience continuity of service, product & data quality.

About Unison

Unison is a leading data & insights company that has mastered the art and science of understanding what makes people tick. Using a combination of big data, smart process, and executive experience, Unison provides deep insights into key shifts in attitudes and behaviors among employees, customers, suppliers, investors, regulators, and society—enabling its clients to use those key understandings to confidently navigate internal and external change. Unison is based in Detroit, Michigan. More information about its Unison Insights Platform and professional services can be found at unisonhq.com.

About FigBytes

FigBytes Inc. is a leading provider of an enterprise sustainability/software platform that empowers organizations to integrate the principles of environmental sustainability/CSR, into core business strategies, integrating strategy, brand, performance, and reporting. FigBytes connects high level strategy to data and shows progress utilizing innovative visualizations that go beyond conventional charts and graphs. FigBytes replaces fragmented modes of communication including presentation decks, PDFs, spreadsheets, and outdated data management systems with a cloud-based system that transforms raw data into visually engaging results. Learn more at figbytes.com.

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