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Technology Specification Sheet

Streamlined Data Capture, Control, and Calculations

  • Collect qualitative and quantitative data with integrations that support your current and future data strategy including:

    • Utility Website Bills
    • Internet of Things Devices
    • APIs to Existing Internal & External Systems
    • Mobile Apps and Forms to Gather End User Data
    • Integrated Surveys
  • Ensure data cleanliness and accuracy with FigBytes’ configurable workflows and controls including:

    • Automated thresholds
    • Variation Based Controls
    • Gap Identification
    • Investigations, Reminders, and Escalations
    • Audit Tracking and Reporting
  • Streamline your reporting with built-in methodologies and pre-loaded frameworks:

    • GHG Protocol, PCAF, SFDR, Water Footprint Network
    • Social and Governance Reporting Methodologies

Environmental Data

FigBytes’ Environmental data management capabilities include:


  • Scopes 1, 2, and 3
  • Emission factors for US EPA, DEFRA, IPCC, IEA, IGES, Environment Canada, ADEME and more
  • Globally-accepted protocols including: GHG Protocol, ISO 14065 and 14064, PCAF and SFDR

Waste and Waste Water Management

  • Waste generation
  • Disposal pathways
  • Treatment methodologies

Water Stewardship

  • Consumption
  • Blue, grey, and green water footprints

Social Data

FigBytes’ Social data management capabilities include:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Employee Distribution, Hires and Turnover by Gender
  • Employee Distribution, Hires and Turnover by Ethnicity


Community & Employee Engagement

  • Volunteer Hours
  • Employee Donations 
  • Corporate Charitable Giving

Governance Data

FigBytes’ Governance data management capabilities.

Alignment Data

Compliance Data

Risk Data

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