FigBytes’ powerful carbon management technology makes monitoring, analyzing and reporting carbon emissions and energy use easy for you.


The FigBytes Carbon Module™ has been implemented in large-scale, highly complex carbon data projects that include hundreds of thousands of reporting points. It is capable of handling extremely challenging carbon data collection and  processing demands that traditional EHS compliance industry software cannot manage.   From simple to complex requirements, FigBytes can customize a data collection, management and analysis process that fits your unique needs.
Like the other FigBytes Modules, the FigBytes Carbon Module™ can be implemented as a standalone or as part of an integrated solution with other FigBytes modules.  When linked with our Strategy Mapper™, you can track your carbon data performance to your strategy and brand.

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Features Unique to FigBytes


Stunning performance visualizations that bring the data alive and engage people.................

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Scope 1, 2, 3 that is.  Automatically maps every asset and activity according to GHG Protocol against Scope 1, 2 and 3 activities

Carbon intensity

Contains current carbon intensity factors for every grid in the world - updated annually.................

Hot Spots

Identifies hotspots – displays energy, emissions and environmental resource cost centers, (or hotspots), in the organization


Manages carbon draw down to a level of granularity beyond any competitive product while also coping with the "big data" challenges


Ensures data accuracy and credibility of measurements with data integrity checking, validation and audit trail functionalities that allow internal and third-party auditor oversight.

Flexible Data Input

Provides multiple data input methods – from mobile compatible, simple web-based data input forms to direct connections with energy management or utility billing systems

Audit Friendly

Our platform comes with audit capability - automated internal or third party verification process

Customization & Flexibility

Overwrite capabilities that allow users to enter their own emissions factors.  Unique one-click functionality allows retrospective updates when grid intensity values change

GHG Tracking

FigBytes powerful GHG tracking capabilities collects, analyzes and reports any GHG category your organization.


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