Fully Integrated Data Modules

Are you bogged down in spreadsheets, PDFs and slide decks as you try to collect, process, analyze and present your data?  Let FigBytes powerful enterprise sustainability software platform collect, cleanse and calculate for you. 

Data Modules

We are now in the Era of Purpose and Real-Time Engagement.

FigBytes data modules cover the full gamut of social, environmental and economic data.  Whether you are tracking GHGs from across a multinational company or a city, or integrating sales feeds from your CRM or financial data from your ERP, we remove your data nightmares.  FigBytes performs data capture, cleansing and calculations to produce metrics or KPIs that act as compass bearings when connected to your long-term strategic vision, goals and roadmap.  Your map and compass bearings in the cloud – Corporate GPS for the 21st CenturyTM .