Report – The Forrester Wave™: Sustainability Management Software (Q2 2024)

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FigBytes Named a Leader in Forrester Wave

FigBytes Named a Leader in Forrester Wave

The reports states, “FigBytes is a solid partner for organizations looking for an integrated platform for comprehensive sustainability management with strong focus on workflow creation, data integration, analytics, and reporting.”

We are pleased to announce FigBytes has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Sustainability Management Software, Q2 2024, achieving the highest possible score across seven criteria in Forrester’s evaluation of sustainability management software vendors.

In the report, Forrester Research, Inc. evaluated 13 of the most significant vendors in the Sustainability Management Software market based on 24 criteria that address each vendor’s current offering, strategy, and market presence. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps sustainability professionals select the right software for their needs.

The Forrester Wave™ report notes that “FigBytes’ market-setting vision includes addressing critical current and future customer pain points, including pricing, a product carbon footprint module, a supplier engagement portal, and report-builder capabilities. FigBytes features a strong roadmap centered on regulatory compliance and adopting emerging technologies, such as using AI for supply chain data accuracy.”

Sustainability, compliance, and risk professionals can use this report to select the right partner for their sustainability management software needs. Access the complimentary report today and discover:

  • Why FigBytes was selected as a Leader
  • The criteria to consider when evaluating a sustainability management software solution
  • Forrester’s evaluation of the current and emerging market 
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Smart Solutions for Operational Excellence

FigBytes is now a part of AMCS Group, a leader in environmental software that accelerates growth and sustainability.  As part of our global suite of solutions, the all-in-one sustainability platform combines data collection, management, and calculation with powerful reporting tools that simplify ESG and sustainability compliance challenges. Schedule a meeting with a Solutions Advisor to learn more today!

Audit-Ready Sustainability Data

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Prepare for Audit & Disclosure With Better Sustainability Data

Solve ESG data roadblocks and get ready for upcoming disclosure regulation with our practical guide. 

Ensure Your
Data Is ESG

Learn how to prepare your sustainability program to be audit-ready with our easy-to-follow guide designed for beginner and experienced sustainability professionals.

Start Preparing Today for

Download the eBook to explore the multiple benefits of being audit and disclosure ready as organizations face new climate-related regulation from the SEC and EU.

FigBytes Manages Millions of Data Points for Clients Including:

Let's Talk Sustainability Software

Ready to reduce timelines and take your program to the next level? Learn how the FigBytes Sustainability Platform can transform your complex data into simple reporting and actionable insights.

Scope 3 Reporting Toolkit

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Ready to take the stress out of Scope 3 reporting?

Scope 3 emissions usually account for more than 70% of a business’s carbon footprint. Simplify your value chain emission reporting with our Scope 3 Toolkit.

Fill out the form to unlock our bundle of resources designed to assist sustainability professionals and organizations in streamlining their Scope 3 reporting process. Access the Scope 3 Toolkit now!

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Measure and Calculate Scope 3 Emissions

Learn about two different methods for calculating Scope 3 emissions as well as how to start measuring emissions from your value chain with our resources designed to simplify these processes.

Connect and Engage With Your Entire Supply Chain

Utilize our Scope 3 Toolkit to help you better understand how to connect and engage with your suppliers to encourage them to work with you toward your value chain-related sustainability goals.

Let's Talk Sustainability Software

Ready to reduce timelines and take your program to the next level? Learn how the FigBytes Sustainability Platform can transform your complex data into simple reporting and actionable insights.

eBook – GRESB 101

GRESB 101 eBook | FigBytes




GRESB 101 eBook | FigBytes

Want to deep dive into GRESB?

Investors are looking for transparency in sustainability performance across their portfolios, regardless of sector. With the looming Net Zero deadlines in 2030 and 2050, there is increased urgency among investors to show their investments are doing their part to meet reduced carbon emissions. If you’re in the real estate and infrastructure sectors, you may already be a part of sustainability initiatives in your industry.

One option if you’re receiving requests for ESG data in the real estate and infrastructure sectors is the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark or GRESB reporting program. In this eBook, we deep dive into what GRESB is, how it works, its different components, and more. Fill out the form below to download your copy of GRESB 101.