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FigBytes & THG Energy Solutions Announce Strategic Alliance for Complete Energy and Sustainability Management Solutions


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GATINEAU, QC, November 19, 2020 – FigBytes Inc., and THG Energy Solutions, today announced a partnership that will combine THG’s energy and demand management services with FigBytes’ sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management platform.

The joint offering will provide comprehensive, one-stop solutions for enterprise clients looking to manage large utility bill datasets and lower demand charges, all within the context of their overarching sustainability strategy.

“Energy is the largest contributor to an organization’s environmental footprint, so prudent energy management is critical to any sustainability management initiative. We’re excited to be working with THG to support energy and demand management solutions as part of our continuum of sustainability solutions,” says FigBytes CEO, Ted Dhillon. Dhillon adds, “The technology integration will enable our customers perform detailed energy consumption and demand-related analytics, while utility data is automatically pushed into the FigBytes platform where the enterprise will be able to manage this within an overall sustainability strategy.”

“Sustainability. Lean. Efficiency. Conservation. Zero Waste. Circular Economy. What does all this mean? The terminology, industry, and requirements may change but whatever your company calls it, successful programs all share the same need – readily accessible data – and that’s our niche,” says Chad Burden, THG’s Vice President of Sustainability Services. “Before our partnership, THG danced around the edges of sustainability reporting. Now, we can feel good about staying in our lane of automated data management to support the biggest global brands with a comprehensive, corporate sustainability joint solution that neither company offered before,” adds Burden.

FigBytes enterprise clients will now have the option to leverage THG’s electronic utility bill acquisition technology and Application Programming Interface (API) that automatically sends bill data from utility providers directly into FigBytes. This addresses a laborious pain point associated with manual utility data entry. The FigBytes/THG partnership provides a holistic approach to sustainability reporting, providing tremendous value by solving the data problem – a critical requirement to participate in a broad range of sustainability reporting protocols, like: CDP, GRI, ESG, CSR, ASHE, BOMA 360, ENERGY STAR, LEED, GRESB, and many others. Don’t see your company’s sustainability protocol here? Contact us to see how we can support it.

About THG Energy Solutions, LLC:

THG Energy Solutions, LLC provides comprehensive energy and demand management solutions that help commercial and industrial facilities across North America implement best-practice energy management strategies. THG’s suite of intelligence offerings range from utility data management and reporting to automated load response technology. THG creates cost-savings, conserves resources, and lowers client risk through actionable energy analytics, sustainability reporting, and automated energy management.

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About FigBytes Inc.:

FigBytes Inc. is the leading provider of cloud-based enterprise sustainability and ESG data management software. Its software-as-a-service platform allows companies to quantify their sustainability and ESG impacts and embed these metrics into their performance, strategy, and brand. FigBytes’ fully-integrated suite of sustainability solutions consists of data modules that cater to data collection, calculations and reporting requirements, and engagement modules that enable strategy-mapping, self-service analytics and customized dashboards.

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