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FigBytes Grows 171% as ESG Data Sector Explodes


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“Show You the Money? Okay, First Show Me the Data.”

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 17, 2021. Today, customers and shareholders are happy to throw billions at green and socially responsible companies. That’s why big companies like Nestle and Google are getting in on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). But those same customers are skeptical: are these companies really doing what they say? To win over skeptical customers, companies must show the data.

That’s why FigBytes, an ESG data tracking solutions provider is increasingly helping organizations track all kinds of ESG data for climate accounting, Diversity Equity & Inclusion tracking, and more. With FigBytes’ software in high demand, the company workforce has grown by 171 percent this year, effectively tripling their team. That follows a major VC investment by Q-GRG Ventures, a partnership between Quantum Energy Partners (QEP) and Global Reserve Group (GRG) earlier in 2021.

One of FigBytes’ key hires? Their new CFO Darren Anderson, who was brought on to manage their significant growth from a fiscal perspective, ensuring the team can keep pace with the amount of business coming in.

“ESG is at an inflection point where change has to happen. And I think everyone has paid lip service for a number of years,” Anderson commented. “We want to enable organizations that are going through their ESG journey to do more than just talk the talk, but walk it too.”

In a tight labour market, FigBytes’ mission of enabling data-driven tracking of green and social responsibility metrics is attractive to talent. “That’s one of the big reasons I joined FigBytes,” Anderson says. “I want to work hard on things that have a positive impact on the planet.”


FigBytes helps companies and governments plan, track and fulfill goals along their environmental, social, governance (ESG) journey. Their platform helps integrate strategy, align data, report on progress, and engage stakeholders. Learn more at


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