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FigBytes and Toyota Tsusho make inroads on sustainability targets


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OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 23, 2022. Everybody wants to do their part to make the world a better place. That’s why FigBytes and Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. (TAI) are excited to announce their new collaboration.

“FigBytes is committed to helping organizations use a data-driven approach to making their sustainability goals a reality,” said founder and CEO, Ted Dhillon. “Toyota Tsusho America was already doing great work heading in that direction. Now our tools are going to help them reach their targets, faster.”

FigBytes is an environmental, social, governance (ESG) insight platform that helps companies and governments around the world track, record and report on their sustainability journeys. They go above and beyond just calculating carbon emissions (though to date they’ve tracked 2.5 billion metric tons). The platform is entirely customizable and can track virtually anything across the ESG spectrum – from water to energy to workplace diversity.

“At Toyota Tsusho, we were looking for comprehensive and transformational tools to empower our team members and streamline actions toward our sustainability goals,” said Toyota Tsusho America Vice President, John Jäger. “What is so exciting about FigBytes’ platform is that it can help us sustainably manage an even wider set of initiatives than we have in the past, while optimizing our time and resources.”

Many of FigBytes’ clients come to the platform after using labor-intensive means of tracking their impacts. “We’re able to automate the tracking process for companies, and also create easy to read reports based on that data. Now businesses can use the time they would have spent tracking their impact on implementing the changes they need to make,” explained Dhillon.

Toyota Tsusho America’s first plan of action? Breaking down their bigger goals into more manageable targets. “We’ve set a goal for ourselves of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050,” said Jäger. “Being able to see what our impact is on a daily basis will give us the power to set actionable goals based on that data. Then from there it’s going to be about actually making those necessary changes in our day to day operations.”

“Tracking, recording and reporting on ESG metrics is the best way for organizations to make good on their sustainability goals,” Dhillon commented. When businesses put data in the driver’s seat they can tell exactly which direction they need to head.

About FigBytes

Established in 2014, FigBytes helps companies and governments plan, track and fulfill goals along their environmental, social, governance (ESG) journey. Their platform helps integrate strategy, align data, report on progress, while engaging stakeholders. To learn more, visit

About Toyota Tsusho

With 60+ years in America, Toyota Tsusho America, Inc., together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is a multi-market, multi-business enterprise with expertise in exporting and importing, supply chain management, new manufacturing, intermediate goods processing and logistics in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The company strives for comprehensive excellence by cultivating a vibrant culture of creativity, reliability, accountability, flexibility, and teamwork to activate the full potential of its employees, customers, suppliers, and communities. To learn more, visit


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