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Meet Kate Cacciatore, FigBytes Head of Sustainability


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FigBytes is pleased to welcome Kate Cacciatore as our new Head of Sustainability.

Check out this brief background on Kate’s career and what lead her to joining FigBytes. This is a short excerpt from the full length webcast, Carbon & Beyond: A Discussion with Kate Cacciatore.

Rajiv JalimGood afternoon over there in Europe. It’s a pleasure to finally connect now that you’ve joined FigBytes. So would you mind giving us a little introduction to who is Kate Cacciatore?
Kate CacciatoreYeah. Thanks so much, Rajiv. It’s a real pleasure to have joined FigBytes and to be with you today on this webinar. So I’ll give you a little bit of background about myself. I’m from the UK originally, and although I happen to live there for many years, my career has taken me to some very unusual places and amazing experiences in the field of sustainability.
Kate CacciatoreAnd to give you a high level sense of that, it started for me in the academic domain. So I did my degree and my PhD in French literature, which has nothing to do with sustainability. Obviously in those days there weren’t really courses for sustainability, I don’t think. And I after my PhD, I moved to Italy after doing some teaching and I discovered sustainability at an Italian university near Milan where there was someone teaching applied anthropology and comparative economics, and it turned out to be sustainability.
Kate CacciatoreThat was the actual subject. And that moment was the moment in which I kind of knew this was what I wanted to do. I had been feeling a really strong calling to somehow humanize business. I did not know what that meant at all. I thought maybe it would mean human resources in a company, but that just that path didn’t open up for me when I heard about sustainability in terms of, you know, the human dignity, human rights, stewardship of the planet.
Kate CacciatoreIt resonated with me really deeply from my personal values, but also it gave me a language to work with in the world of business so that I could see myself engaging with people and making the connection between their personal values. And the way the company and its purpose and its strategy could bring about a positive impact in some way.
Kate CacciatoreSo that was kind of all in me, but I just didn’t have the words or the concepts for it.
Kate Cacciatore So long story short, I had the opportunity to join a group of people creating a startup in the area of meaningful work.
Kate CacciatoreAnd this resonated with me so much because one of the things I had observed was that in companies, the change that was possible was possible because people had connected with their own personal values. And I saw that for myself I saw it in the people that were around me. And so I thought, well, maybe by getting into this world of meaningful work, I’ll be able to understand more about the drivers of change through personal reflection and connecting with our own values and purpose as individuals, and then having a clearer sense of how we can contribute to a collective purpose and collective activity together for making the world more sustainable.
Rajiv JalimThat’s a fantastic career that you have thus far. What what’s happening now?
Kate CacciatoreYes. So now I am I stepped out of obviously sustainability for a couple of years, and then I had the opportunity to get back into this world. And I was missing it, to be honest, because it’s what I’ve always done in my career. And so when I got the opportunity to work for FigBytes, the idea really appealed to me for a couple of reasons.
Kate CacciatoreOne, because I love the company, its vision and its values and its focus on, you know, connecting data with purpose really resonates with me. And at the same time, I just really feel that this whole space of data and measurement and communication and reporting of the company, sustainability, performance, et cetera, is really a happening place right now. It’s where there’s a lot of potential and opportunity to enable companies to go to the next level in some way.
Kate CacciatoreSo that’s where I am right now. I’m here just starting, and I’m really excited about being able to learn and engage and contribute in a new way.
Rajiv JalimAnd I will reiterate at least personally that I am very happy that you decided to join because I’ve learned so much from you already. Thank you so very much for taking the time to connect.