FigBytes Inc. and Akamai Technologies Launch “Beyond Data” to Strategic Sustainability Leadership Webinar Series

Gatineau, Quebec, January 16, 2018 /PRLog/ FigBytes Inc. (“FigBytes” or “the company”), the leading developer of enterprise, cloud-based integrated sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) software, announced today that it will be collaborating on a series of webinars with its client, Akamai Technologies, Inc. (“Akamai”), (NASDAQ: AKAM), one of the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platforms.

The series will feature phases of Akamai’s journey from initial energy efficiency programs to ambitious renewable energy procurement goals and will feature Dr. Nicola Peill-Moelter, Akamai’s Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability.

Sustainability/CSR is rapidly moving from “traditional” siloed, compliance and retrospective reporting approaches to forward-looking, strategy-driven, real-time engagement and FigBytes is the leading platform to support this evolution.

Nicola Peill-Moelter said, “People are inspired by story, not data and graphs. The FigBytes’ strategy dashboard enables us to tell an engaging story about Akamai’s journey towards achieving our sustainability goals.”

Akamai has been working with the FigBytes’ sustainability platform since 2014 to track energy and carbon emissions from thousands of data centres across more than 130 countries, supporting Akamai’s aggressive program of energy efficiency from Akamai’s Intelligent Cloud Platform, which accounts for 90% of their carbon impact.

“Our partnership with Akamai is a powerful example of how FigBytes can initially solve highly complex data challenges,” said FigBytes CEO, Colin Grant. “From there, leaders are well-positioned to map and track a path to achieving bold strategic goals.”

The 60-minute interactive webinar will showcase a multinational technology company’s journey from complex data logjams to an elegant visualization of strategy, data, reporting and brand.

This webinar will be hosted by FigBytes Inc. on January 31, 2018 at 11:00 am PST (2:00 pm EST). Register for the live webinar at:

About FigBytes

FigBytes Inc. is an emerging provider of an enterprise SaaS platform that empowers organizations to integrate the principles of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) into core business strategies, integrating strategy, brand, performance, and reporting. FigBytes connects high level strategy to data and shows progress utilizing innovative visualizations that go beyond conventional charts and graphs. FigBytes replaces fragmented modes of communication like presentation decks, PDFs, spreadsheets, and outdated data management systems with a cloud based system that transforms raw data into visually engaging results.


About Akamai

As the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform, Akamai makes it easier for its customers to provide the best and most secure digital experiences on any device, anytime, anywhere. Akamai’s massively distributed platform is unparalleled in scale with over 200,000 servers across 130 countries, giving customers superior performance and threat protection. Akamai’s portfolio of web and mobile performance, cloud security, enterprise access, and video delivery solutions are supported by exceptional customer service and 24/7 monitoring. To learn why the top financial institutions, e-commerce leaders, media & entertainment providers, and government organizations trust Akamai please visit,, or @Akamai on Twitter.

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