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ESG and Private Equity

From investor-grade data collection across your portfolio companies to accurate and engaging ESG reporting for your investors, manage and maintain a sustainable and profitable investment ecosystem with FigBytes

How to approach carbon reporting?

Increased pressure from stakeholders is driving more and more PE firms to manage, measure, and report
on their ESG efforts. FigBytes helps private equity firms and their portfolio companies to: 



emission ‘hotspots’ within their portfolio’s operations and supply chains



targets to contribute to investors’ emissions reduction goals and reporting requirements



a strategy aligned to investors’ journey to net-zero and improving on ESG metrics


the resilience of their portfolio against different climate scenarios

With the 600+ everchanging ESG reporting standards and frameworks, how do you choose which ones are most relevant to you and your stakeholders?

Read this guide to learn more about disclosure standards and frameworks for private equity. Discover how they may apply to your organization to better meet reporting requirements and instill investor confidence.

Investor concerns around climate change and associated business risks have risen dramatically in recent years. With the increased focus on the environmental impacts of their financial investments, how do you meet your investors’ ESG demands while still maximizing ROI?

Download the brochure to see how you can meet these goals and more with FigBytes.


Frequently asked questions

A profitable investment ecosystem ensures consistent alignment with your investors’ ESG and financial goals and instills confidence for continuous funding.

There are multiple ways you can gather this data with the FigBytes ESG Insight Platform, including:

  • Bulk upload: The portfolio companies can provide their ESG data files and you can bulk upload them into the platform.
  • Surveys: Create and send surveys to companies in your portfolio to directly request the information that you and your investors require. You can manage all the surveys and the responses within the platform!
  • Integrations: The platform can integrate with third party systems and platforms via API to automatically collect required data. If companies in your portfolio are tracking their ESG data on different systems, we will work with them to automate data flows into the FigBytes platform.

With the rising focus on climate change and the environmental impact of businesses, an increasing number of government agencies and stakeholders are holding organizations and investors accountable for their emissions reduction and net-zero promises.

You can start by aligning your portfolio management strategy with your investors’ ESG goals. For example, ensure that the companies in your portfolio are environmentally conscious, that they currently track (or soon will) their Scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Once you’ve collected the necessary information to satisfy your investors’ reporting requirements, it’s also crucial that you can present the insights to stakeholders in an engaging and easy to understand way. FigBytes offers a single, comprehensive ESG Insight Platform that aligns your strategy, captures data, automates reporting, and engages your stakeholders.

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