Oil & Gas Industry Guide to ESG Reporting Frameworks

With 100s of ESG reporting standards and frameworks that  are everchanging, oil and gas professionals are faced with the daunting task of determining which are most relevant for their organization and their stakeholders.

In this guide, we dive into the most popular disclosure standards and frameworks for the oil and gas industry, including GRI, TCFD, CDP, SASB, and others.

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Oil and Gas Industry Guide to ESG Reporting Frameworks

Kate Cacciatore

Head of Sustainability

Kate first began her career in academia before finding her calling in sustainability. She brings 15+ years of corporate responsibility and sustainability experience to the FigBytes team from the global electronics and finance industries, where she lead the creation and implementation of sustainability and responsible investment strategies. Kate is passionate about exploring the next frontiers of sustainability and the diverse ways organizations are intentionally seeking to break through outdated mental, economic, and business models to achieve positive impact.