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Multinational Conglomerate Consolidates Sustainability Program to One Platform

Case Study

The Challenge

When this multinational conglomerate with four core businesses – ports and related services, retail, infrastructure, & telecommunications, endeavored to implement sustainability and ESG practices across its over 120 sites around the world, it encountered challenges such as:

  • Diverse business units with complex hierarchies spanning industries
  • Large commitment of time & resources to manually collect, manage, & maintain data from over 120 sites across different geographies
  • Manually compiling reports based on specific requirements from multiple ESG reporting frameworks

These challenges prompted this client to seek out a solution to streamline their sustainability and ESG data
management and reporting across their entire organization.

Key Results

Simplified Data Management

From facilities and operations around the world to one platform

Improved Efficiency

By automating manual, time-consuming tasks

Improve Communication

With stakeholders using real-time insights and engagement tools

The FigBytes Solution

FigBytes’ award winning sustainability platform was selected to help this multinational conglomerate solve its unique data management and reporting challenges. By utilizing FigBytes’ comprehensive sustainability solution this client was able to:

  • Centralize and automate sustainability and ESG data collection and management across the entire organization
  • Set up automated reporting to leading frameworks and create informative dashboards
  • Establish a credible GHG inventory and reduce the climate disclosure and framework reporting burden
  • Simplify stakeholder communication with real-time insights on sustainability progress

About the Client

This multinational conglomerate operates diverse businesses that employ 300,000 people in over 50 countries and markets around the world. With a commitment to innovation and technology, this FigBytes client is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance, transparency, and accountability.

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