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Global Tire and Rubber Company Simplifies Sustainability Data Collection and Management

Case Study

The Challenge

With multiple business units and operations around the world , this global tire and rubber company struggled to consistently collect accurate sustainability data from across its business. Because of their wide-spanning operations, they were faced with challenges such as:

  • Diverse geographies and ownership models
  • Reducing data errors across thousands of data points requiring real-time collection, calculation, and management
  • Prolonged data collection and reporting timeline

With only a small team to tackle these challenges, the company needed a solution to simplify data collection and management that was also easy to implement and maintain.

Key Results

Centralized Data

From facilities and operations around the world to one platform

Improved Efficiency

By automating manual, time-consuming tasks

Reduced Data Errors

With built-in processes to detect and address data errors and anomalies

The FigBytes Solution

The FigBytes Sustainability Platform was selected by this company to replace its current manual processes with automated data collection and reporting functionality. By utilizing FigBytes’ all-in-one sustainability software this client was able to:

  • Enhance visibility and validation with the ability to audit business unit data and apply approval processes to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Streamline data management by capturing data information with bulk uploads and APIs, simplifying the process
    for the one-person team responsible for consolidating data
  • Reduce reporting timelines with automation and centralized data management

About the Client

As one of the world’s largest tire and rubber companies with globally-spanning facilities and annual sales of more than $15 billion, the FigBytes client featured in this case study is committed to ethical and sustainable practices to protect the planet and people. This future-focused organization has made sustainability an integral part of its business strategy and has integrated it into all levels of their company and how they work. 

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