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Global Capital Management Firm Automates Data Collection and Reporting Across Its Portfolio

Case Study

The Challenge

With investments in over 130 portfolio companies, this global capital management firm faced a difficult task when it came time to track the ESG performance of these portfolio companies and their associated assets. 

Previously, they had a two-step process for collecting this data which involved; first sending an ESG questionnaire to each portfolio company and second interviewing each portfolio company to identify gaps and validate submissions. This process caused multiple challenges for this client and its portfolio companies including: 

  • Large commitment of time and resources from their team to manually collect, manage, and maintain data from various portfolio companies. 
  • Difficulty engaging and building support for their ESG program among portfolio companies and other stakeholders. 
  • Manually compiling reports based on specific requirements from multiple ESG reporting frameworks. 
  • Lack of standardization and data quality practices for information collected from portfolio companies.  

To overcome these challenges, their team started the search for a solution that could accommodate their complex organizational and reporting requirements. 

The Benefits

Streamlined Reporting Process

By automating manual, time-consuming tasks and utilizing FigBytes’ integrated workflows

Simplified Data Management

From portfolio companies around the world to one centralized platform

Improved Stakeholder Engagement

by providing easy-to-understand insights into their ESG performance and progress

The FigBytes Solution

With the FigBytes Sustainability Platform, this client was able to solve their data collection and reporting challenges. FigBytes helps this global capital management firm by: 

  • Providing the capability for their portfolio companies to enter more rigorous and granular environmental, social, and operational quantitative data.
  • Enabling comprehensive data management with centralized and automated data collection across all portfolio companies. 
  • Simplifying their reporting by replacing manual reports with real-time, data-driven insights to track the progress and view rankings of over 130 portfolio companies and their associated assets. 

FigBytes helped this client to implement streamlined data collection and processing as well as automate reporting. With these improvements, this client was able to save time and resources on its reporting process and simplify ESG data analysis of its investments while making it easier for its portfolio companies to share data and report their own ESG performance.  

About the Client

This global capital management firm has billions in assets across multiple financial sectors. They have a long history of providing capital solutions and operating expertise to help companies around the world improve performance and drive value creation. 

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