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Akamai automates reporting to achieve renewable energy goals

Case Study

The Challenge

In 2016, Akamai set a goal to use 50% renewable energy by 2020, but because of their complex operating model, collecting, analyzing and reporting the energy and carbon data to support this goal was complicated by:

  • Diverse geographies and ownership models
  • Manual data collection and calculation
  • Rigid workflows
  • Lack of asset level tracking
  • Thousands of data points to be processed in real time

Encumbered by manual and incomplete data capture, quality control, and calculations, the sustainability team was overwhelmed by the tactical at the expense of their strategic vision.

Key Results

Unified Data

From more than 250,000 servers across 130 countries

Improved Efficiency

By automating manual, time-consuming tasks

Increased Engagement

Of key stakeholders with data-driven storytelling

The FigBytes Solution

Akamai selected FigBytes’ intuitive ESG platform to help reach their sustainability goals and turn complex data collection and calculations into simple reporting that supported their strategic vision and engaged stakeholders. FigBytes:

  • Converts energy data to carbon with global emission factors database
  • Captures data with bulk data uploads and APIs while providing asset-level granularity
  • Flexes to fit custom workflows and on demand reporting
  • Scales functionality and pricing to support global organizations
  • Engages stakeholders with data-driven infographics and microsites


FigBytes helped Akamai replace a failed software platform, implement streamlined data collection and processing, and automate reporting. With these improvements, Akamai gained wide-spread efficiencies that reduced the burden of tactical execution so the sustainability team could focus on strategic initiatives that supported the organization’s aggressive goals and engage the stakeholders who are critical to achieving them.

About Akamai

Akamai (NASDAQ AKAM), is one of the world’s largest cloud content delivery platforms in the world with approximately 30% of the world’s web traffic on their servers. Its global infrastructure spans over 130 countries, with over 250 000 servers in over 1 000 data center locations.

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