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If you’re struggling with leadership, get on your team’s level and model the behavior you want, says Ted Dhillon


Snow covered mountain in the Himalayas with white clouds and a blue sky in the background. A silhouette of a bird soars through the white clouds.

By Ted Dhillon

The below is an excerpt from the article, Three Leadership Lessons Learned From Being In The Military, originally published by Forbes on February 8, 2022.

Picture this: You’ve just carried a gun 10,000 feet up the rocky terrain of the Himalayan mountains. It’s windy and cold with temperatures reaching well below freezing at night. Through the cracks of your mud and pine-tree shelter, you can see enemy soldiers on the other side of the line.

That was my experience when I started in the Indian military, where I spent 10 years as an officer. As with any professional army, it was no easy experience. Ultimately, though, it was well worth it, as my time trained me for my role as a CEO today.

When I initially made the leap into business, I feared I wasn’t prepared. But it turned out that my military mindset was ideal for the C-suite. I’ve found that former military members are common fixtures in boardrooms. This makes sense to me: The army trains people to be great leaders, to be disciplined and to work as a team, among so many other transferable skills that apply to the business world.

Click here for the full article and the three lessons I took with me when I transitioned from the battlefield to the boardroom.

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