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3 Highlights From GreenBiz Carbon & Beyond Webcast


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On March 24, 2022, FigBytes sponsored the GreenBiz webcast Carbon & Beyond: How the Last Decade Can Prepare ESG Leaders for 2030, featuring panelist Ted Dhillon, FigBytes CEO and Co-Founder.

Dhillon was joined on the panel by Warren Gorowitz, Director of CSR at Hunter Industries, Keila Hand, Head of ESG at Quantum Energy Partners, and Davida Heller, Head of Sustainability Strategy at Citi. 

The webcast, moderated by Grant Harrison, Green Finance & ESG Analyst for the GreenBiz Group, brought together this distinguished group of ESG experts to share what they’ve learned from their years of experience working in sustainability and what organizations can expect for the future of ESG.

Read on for our three Dhillon highlights from the discussion. Interested in checking out the webcast for yourself? Carbon & Beyond: How the Last Decade Can Prepare ESG Leaders for 2030 | Greenbiz is now available on-demand to watch at your convenience.

What Drives Sustainability Professionals?

During the webcast, each of the panelists shared what inspired them to join the sustainability industry. Dhillon shared this about his passion and motivation for starting FigBytes, “I love how technology can solve massive problems, and that was the seed for trying to figure out if I can bring my passion for doing something on sustainability together with technology.”

What About the SEC Climate Disclosure Proposal?

Taking place just days after the SEC climate-related disclosure proposal, the webcast provided the panel with an opportunity to react to the news and share their thoughts. The general consensus was the proposal was welcome and needed, and we can expect even more on the regulation and standard horizon. “Look at the announcements from the SEC… in the last year or so we have been tracking legislation and mandates in different parts of the world… this is a growing trend, this is going to continue. There’s going to be harmonization globally as we go forward,” Dhillon stated.

What Does The Next Decade Hold?

As the central focus of the webcast, each of the panel experts had unique takes on what the next ten years will look like for ESG and sustainability. For Dhillon, he expects this will be the decade of action and adaptation. Here’s a sample of what he had to say, “we missed a window… by default we are in a phase where it is about adaptation, I don’t think we have a lot of options left for mitigation. From here on I think we will have a decision-making decade, as we start to trend toward these big commitments that organizations have made.”

FigBytes has tracked more than 2.5 billion metric tons of carbon emissions for our clients. Speak with a FigBytes expert today to learn how we can help your organization with all your climate accounting and ESG needs.

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