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Leverage Tech for Climate Action


Achieving Net Zero: FigBytes | How To Leverage Technology for Climate Action

Learn how today’s technology solutions can play an instrumental role in supporting your decarbonization and sustainability programs.

Join Salma Bakr, Product Lead at FigBytes, for this in-depth webinar and learn how your organization can leverage technology on its path to net zero and thrive in a world where more comprehensive sustainability is becoming a normal part of day-to-day operations. You will learn:

  • What’s included in a comprehensive climate action and net zero strategy
  • How technology can drive organizational success to achieve net zero goals
  • The benefits to using technology to take climate action now

Are you ready for tech-driven climate action?

Learn how the FigBytes platform can help your organization achieve its net zero goals

FigBytes Manages Millions of Data Points for Clients Including:

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