Strategy Mapping

We are in the era of dynamic, transformational strategies.

Strategy Mapping

Show Your Strategy At A Glance

Sustainability and CSR have moved beyond the 1990s compliance stage in most companies and cities.  No other software allows you to create a roadmap to the future you envision. 

Companies, cities and countries are striving towards 100% renewable energy and Science-Based Targets (SBTs).  Cities are connecting their long-term vision to their daily IoT data.  Countries are working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),  Non-profits are setting “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” (BHAGs) like eradicating disease and poverty.   Isn’t it time to move beyond PowerPoint as you communicate and track your 21st century strategy?

Leave Disconnected Slide Decks Behind

The FigBytes platform is uniquely capable of making sense of today’s “beyond compliance” strategically-transformative and brand-enhancing initiatives.  Where other software systems show you jigsaw puzzle pieces, FigBytes shows you the big picture in beautiful simplicity.  Map your strategy toward your better future, and then link your it to social, environmental and economic variables and metrics in our data modules. Whether your next presentation is at a monthly management meeting or a conference, stand in front of a real-time roadmap to your better future rather than yet another deck – no more death by PowerPoint.