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Data Management & Analytics

Share your ESG progress with your stakeholders, customers, and investors using comprehensive and integrated data management for every metric you track. Go from data collection to data control with tools that improve the accuracy and efficiency of Environmental, Social, and Governance data management and give you better insights to improve performance.

Our Data Management and Analytics module helps you:

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Streamline your data management strategy

Improve the way you capture, control, and calculate data from across your organization.

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Unify Environmental, Social, and Governance data

Manage critical environmental data including Scopes 1, 2, 3, water, and waste as well as social and governance metrics.

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Build better ESG insights

Use built-in dashboards or create custom analytics that turn data into insights in only a few clicks.

Simplify data capture, control, and calculations

  • Save time collecting and calculating data with built-in automations.

  • Find, flag, and fix potential data anomalies with integrated workflows that ensure the highest accuracy.

  • Trace every entry, change, and calculation to support internal and third-party oversight.

  • Collect the right data from anyone, anywhere with mobile compatibility, APIs, and integrated survey tools.

  • Connect your data to your ESG strategy to track your progress towards your goals and make adjustments along the way.

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Helping future-focused organizations including:

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“FigBytes allows us to capture data from across campus and convert these data into reliable metrics and reports in real-time. Now we can spend less time tracking data and more time reducing our environmental impact.”

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“We like FigBytes’ flexibility in tracking many different facility variables. Our ability to easily expand our scope from energy and GHG emissions to other areas such as water, electronic waste, and employee training hours was important.”

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“I would recommend the FigBytes tool to sustainability professionals in Financial Services but also to other sectors because it is sufficiently customizable and flexible to adapt to any sector and any activity.”

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