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Take community, environmental, and economic accountability to the next level

Measure and control your impact on the world

For every new social, climate, and economic challenge on the horizon, there are even more organizations committed to being a force for good. Take your corporate purpose from promise to performance with tools to measure your charitable contributions and improve your community impact.


of consumers are motivated to purchase from companies committed to making the world a better place


of employees believe companies must lead with purpose

The Challenge

Critical data trapped in disconnected systems

Increased public demand for transparent, verifiable results

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Evolving social priorities requiring new strategies and data

Misalignment between corporate actions and stakeholder perceptions

The FigBytes Philanthropy Solution

Map your Philanthropy strategy

With a broad range of potential charitable goals, it’s important to communicate your specific focus with dynamic tools that allow you to not only show your organization’s unique vision but support that vision with integrated data from across your operations.

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Manage your Philanthropy data

Charitable contribution information is dispersed broadly throughout most organizations and connecting it often requires time-intensive manual processes. Bring it all together – including qualitative inputs, employee contributions, and system data – in a single platform that streamlines collection, automates calculations, and offers intuitive analysis tools to develop your own philanthropy insights.

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Improve your Philanthropy performance

In addition to supporting charitable opportunities and program KPIs, many CSR professionals are also responsible for tying their contributions to corporate initiatives and mandatory reporting requirements. Take the guesswork out of your reporting requirements with automated reporting to both industry frameworks and internal scorecards.

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Engage Your Philanthropy Stakeholders

While charitable programs tend to produce good feelings, there is increasing demand for them to also produce measurable results. Creating reports is a resource-consuming process and the end product is often out of date before it’s published. Support your Philanthropy strategy with data-driven storytelling that is available in real-time and speaks directly to the information needs of your most critical stakeholders.

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Kate Cacciatore

Head of Sustainability

Kate first began her career in academia before finding her calling in sustainability. She brings 15+ years of corporate responsibility and sustainability experience to the FigBytes team from the global electronics and finance industries, where she lead the creation and implementation of sustainability and responsible investment strategies. Kate is passionate about exploring the next frontiers of sustainability and the diverse ways organizations are intentionally seeking to break through outdated mental, economic, and business models to achieve positive impact.