United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2015 the world arrived at a consensus that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were as close to a de facto framework as we could get to strive for achieving the stretch goals that we need to reach. Make them a part of your journey with FigBytes.

Incorporate the Universal Icons of Sustainability

The  UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are rapidly becoming the international framework for forward-looking, ethical strategies.  FigBytes allows you to show how your strategy relates to the greater journey of humankind to 2030, and the sense of urgency that exists for us to take immediate steps to mitigate climate change

Avoid these becoming just another slide deck and images pasted into your report with data-driven linked SDG infographics in your FigBytes platform.  Select which goals your aspire to achieve, and have them appear in real-time living reports. 

Let Our Unique SDG Functionality Bring Your SDG Commitment Alive 

  • Move beyond pasting the SDGs into sections of a “non-financial report” to embedding them at the core of your strategy.
  • Create the visible, dynamic, forward-looking, long-term strategy map that is an essential foundation for SDG integration.
  • Use the SDGs (combined with Science Based Targets) to create long term goals.
  • Connect the long term goals to real-time social, environmental and economic data to bring the journey alive.
  • Move beyond retrospective “reporting to stakeholders” to creating a real-time “living report” featuring “data-driven storytelling” that drives engagement with people, performance and brand value.

Link the UN SDGs to Your Strategy

Like the other metrics in the FigBytes platform, the SDGs can be connected to your strategy.  Don’t let your meaningful commitment to this globally adopted framework get buried in reports or static webpages.  Let us show you how to provide context and a direct correlation to the data that is connected to any of the SDGs that you have included in your sustainability/CSR journey. 

To learn more, download our white paper,
"The 3 Steps to Truly Integrating the SDGs"