Dashboards & Analytics

FigBytes offers a unique combination of strategic and tactical views that offer an unmatched range of perspectives, from the “50,000ft” strategic overview in our strategy mapping module to a microscopic data view in our analytics module.


In the FigBytes platform, dashboards sit at a level below the strategy mapping module, providing a snapshot of progress. FigBytes offers two main dashboard functions: 

  • Self-Service, Drag-and-drop KPI Dashboards
  • Custom Pre-configured Dashboards

Self-Serve, Drag-and-Drop
KPI Dashboards

Any user with permission can set up a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard that allows them to see the parts of the strategy with which they are most concerned without contacting the IT department or main system administrator.  Simply chose the data you wish to see, the format in which you want to see it and within a few clicks you have clarity on what matters most to you.

Custom Pre-Configured Dashboards

Your FigBytes platform can come pre-loaded with your choice of pre-configured dashboards.  Choose from:

  • Energy
  • Carbon
  • Water
  • Materiality
  • GRI, CDP, SDG and other standard reporting frameworks

Or let us know what you need to see and how you need it and we will create it for you in a few hours.

Self-Service Business Intelligence & Analytics

Create Your ThinkspaceTM

The FigBytes analytics module contains a powerful Business Intelligence and analytics engine that allows you to deep dive on your data when you need to go “beyond the dashboards”.  Drag-and-drop to create your own pivot tables, statistical analytics and other advanced data views, and eliminate the need for Excel.

Simply take your underlying data sets and manipulate to create your own subsets, then build your own dashboards and charts.   Data sets can be selected from our user-friendly dropdown menus, then get loaded directly into your Thinkspace. 

Don’t be limited by rigid systems.  Experience the freedom and flexibility to create personalized views of your data analytics.