Fully Integrated Engagement Modules

The FigBytes platform is absolutely unique in how it makes sense of your modern, holistic strategy.  The platform is comprised of your choice of stand-alone or integrated modules that communicate your purpose, and data modules that show if you are achieving it.

Fully Integrated Engagement Modules

The FigBytes enterprise platform is fully equipped to make sense of modern, integrated strategies. We provide unmatched power and flexibility, with all communication and modules having the functionality to stand alone or to be part of an integrated suite.

Say goodbye to disconnected slide decks, PDFs and other 20th century communication media and bring your 21st century strategy alive. Each module can be implemented as a stand alone module or choose to fully integrate using any combination that fits your unique requirements.  Let our experts show you how to best select a bespoke program for you, including incorporating your brand identity for a polished and complete presentation and reporting style.

Explore our suite of unique “beyond charts, graphs and reporting” visualizations of strategy, performance and brand. 

Explore what really sets us apart from the rest with our key engagement module, the FigBytes Strategy MapperTM
See how we connect your data to our Living Infograhics that show your progress towards your goals in real-time.
Choose from several unique combinations of custom and preloaded dashboards – all at your fingertips in our Dashboards & Analytics Tools.
Let us show you how we lift materiality out of spreadsheets by automating your assessment process in our Materiality Module
We can empower you to compare facilities within your organization and against industry standards with our Benchmarking tool.
Capture your stakeholder’s opinions using our Surveys & Campaigns functionality.
Select from several pre-loaded reporting frameworks from FigBytes fully integrated platform in our embedded Automated Frameworks.
See how flexible our KPI functionality is by using our customizable KPI dashboards.
Incorporate the universal icons of sustainability into your strategy with our SDG framework embedded and read to connect to your underlying data.
Go beyond conventional reporting to engaging with your stakeholders using FigBytes Communications & Engagement modules in concert with our fully integratable data modules.
Keep your teams on track  for complex projects and deliverable wherever they are in the world with our Project Management functionality.