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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

A diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is the foundation of strong social performance

Track your social program’s progress

Without a clear strategy or accurate data tracking, organizations are struggling to achieve their DEI goals and meet their commitments.


Diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture a new market


Diverse companies are 35% more likely to yield higher revenue

The Challenge

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Lack of standardized benchmarks

Ambiguous and incomplete reporting

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Misalignment with corporate goals

Disconnects between strategy and action

The FigBytes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Solution

Map your DEI strategy

While the DEI landscape continues to change, organizations with an eye on employee retention and growth understand that DEI performance is integral to success. Design your DEI strategy with FigBytes’ interactive strategy maps and visualization tools.

FigBytes Strategy Module

Align your DEI data

Unite data in a single, integrated platform that uses APIs to capture employee data from HR systems and survey tools.

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Diversity Dashboard

Automate your DEI reporting

Get ahead of emerging legislation and reporting requirements with FigBytes DEI reporting and business insight tools that allow you to customize and manage the right KPIs for your organization.

FigBytes Frameworks Module

Engage your DEI stakeholders

More employees, prospective employees, and investors are evaluating organization’s based on their DEI goals and progress. Our platform allows you to showcase your DEI strategy and real-time data with clear, impactful communications that drive engagement.

FigBytes Engagement Module
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Our Technology

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Integrated ESG strategy and data with simple reporting and engagement.

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Kate Cacciatore

Head of Sustainability

Kate first began her career in academia before finding her calling in sustainability. She brings 15+ years of corporate responsibility and sustainability experience to the FigBytes team from the global electronics and finance industries, where she lead the creation and implementation of sustainability and responsible investment strategies. Kate is passionate about exploring the next frontiers of sustainability and the diverse ways organizations are intentionally seeking to break through outdated mental, economic, and business models to achieve positive impact.