Incident Management

The FigBytes Incident Management™ module allows organizations to identify, analyze, and correct issues related to health & safety (H&S) and to prevent a future re-occurrence.

The FigBytes Incident Management Module™

  • Offers a unique flexible structure – map your incident management process rather than being forced into a rigid setup.​
  • Allows you to set up any data stream that you from field locations/facilities, want captured from field locations/facilities, including incidents, accidents, injuries and near-misses.
  • Enables end users to report incidents through simple form-based entries.​
  • Provides a real-time view of incident data to managers and administrators.
  • Triggers notifications to relevant individuals in the organization, including verifiers and managers that may be associated with the risk and importance level of that incident.​​
  • Automatically launches a collaborative investigation and analysis.
  • Allows for closure and archiving of investigated incidents