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Ready to take the stress out of Scope 3 reporting?

Scope 3 emissions usually account for more than 70% of a business’s carbon footprint. Simplify your value chain emission reporting with our Scope 3 Toolkit.

Fill out the form to unlock our bundle of resources designed to assist sustainability professionals and organizations in streamlining their Scope 3 reporting process. Access the Scope 3 Toolkit now!

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Measure and Calculate Scope 3 Emissions

Learn about two different methods for calculating Scope 3 emissions as well as how to start measuring emissions from your value chain with our resources designed to simplify these processes.

Connect and Engage With Your Entire Supply Chain

Utilize our Scope 3 Toolkit to help you better understand how to connect and engage with your suppliers to encourage them to work with you toward your value chain-related sustainability goals.

Let's Talk Sustainability Software

Ready to reduce timelines and take your program to the next level? Learn how the FigBytes Sustainability Platform can transform your complex data into simple reporting and actionable insights.