FigBytes partners with leaders around the globe to deliver better solutions for our clients


RSM is the 6th largest global, tax, audit and consulting network in the world and FigBytes' exclusive partner in the GCC region. Under the leadership of Kareem Abu Eid, RSM is a key player in sustainability, CSR and organizational excellence in the GCC. FigBytes has partnered with RSM on projects for clients in a variety of sectors including government, financial services, charities and private companies.


AECOM operates worldwide and is a Global Alliance Partner to FigBytes. They are also a FigBytes user for their own internal sustainability and CSR initiatives. They provide diversified business and technical consultancy services to support a variety of sectors including environmental and energy, water, and transportation just to name a few. With over 100,000 employees, they serve clients in 150 countries and provide their expertise to a wide range of sectors providing companies support and advice on sustainability goals, plant engineering, regulatory compliance, environmental protection, site restoration, facilities management and worker safety.


K-Coe Isom leads, nationally, as consultants and CPAs in the food and agriculture industry. To create the greatest value for customers, they focus intensely on just a few industries, becoming part of the industry - influencing it and facilitating success for those who operate within it.  

e2 Energy Advisors

e2 Energy Advisors is an advanced strategic technology partnership bringing together the world’s leading energy technology and engineering teams, demand and supply-side energy management expertise, and the most advanced energy efficiency technologies in the world. Our advisor group’s services/technologies reduce the energy cost and carbon footprint of thousands of commercial, industrial, and municipal sector energy users on a daily basis.


WestUrb provides consulting services to local governments (cities, counties, school districts, regional planning councils), businesses that offer sustainability products, services and events to them, and interest groups that want to influence their policies.


Bemari offers sustainability and procurement consulting services to organisations in public and private sectors helping them implement sustainable operational practices and leverage buying power for positive change. Bemari’s specific focus is on promoting and enabling sustainable procurement and consumption, resource efficiency, waste management and impact business models.

Global Affairs Associates

Global Affairs Associates, LLC, is a boutique ESG consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. It delivers ESG solutions aligned with the strategic objectives of a company & authentic to the brand. The company supports publicly traded companies, private equity-backed firms & occasionally non-profit organizations. It provides a variety of deliverables like Sustainability Reports, Climate Risk and Opportunity Reports & Purpose Statement for non-profit organizations directed at investors.


CSRHub provides access to corporate social responsibility and sustainability ratings and information on 20,000+ companies from various industries in 155 countries. Managers, researchers, and activists use CSRHub to benchmark company performance, learn how stakeholders evaluate company CSR practices and seek ways to change the world.


JouleWatt is a consulting firm offering a portfolio of sustainable impact innovation solutions & partners. It specializes in human innovation & its integrated solutions include, workshops, and human advisory services. It innovates whole capital by integrating financial, human, intellectual, social & soulful capital solutions with its clients & partners.

Round Rock Advisory

Round Rock Advisory is an ESG consulting firm providing sustainability strategies related to investor concerns about financial risks. It blends ESG-risk & investment strategies with operational innovation to drive sustainable growth & mitigate reputational risk. The firm helps clients successfully manage corporate responsibility, sustainable development issues, and ESG principals.

THG Energy Solutions

THG Energy Solutions, LLC, is an innovative software-as-a-service energy data & demand response technology provider based in Austin, Texas. The company streamlines best-practice energy management strategies for commercial and industrial facilities across North America. Its mission is to unify, automate, and simplify utility data to help clients achieve greater energy efficiency & support their sustainability efforts.