Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas companies are navigating a seismic shift to be more accountable and transparent in their environmental impacts and sustainability promises.  

While oil and gas companies are already familiar with stringent regulatory standards, they now must address new ESG reporting requirements and actionable climate strategies. 

With FigBytes, oil and gas companies can: 

  • Build an actionable path towards your corporate sustainability goals 
  • Improve data clarity, reduce reporting costs, and shorten reporting cycles 
  • Mitigate regulatory risk 
  • Enhance stakeholder trust 

… All from the FigBytes ESG Insight Platform! 

Download this brochure to find out how

FigBytes Oil and Gas Brochure Cover Image

Kate Cacciatore

Head of Sustainability

Kate first began her career in academia before finding her calling in sustainability. She brings 15+ years of corporate responsibility and sustainability experience to the FigBytes team from the global electronics and finance industries, where she lead the creation and implementation of sustainability and responsible investment strategies. Kate is passionate about exploring the next frontiers of sustainability and the diverse ways organizations are intentionally seeking to break through outdated mental, economic, and business models to achieve positive impact.