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Ready to tackle sustainability reporting but unsure where to start?

Fill out the form to access our ESG Reporting Starter Toolkit for a bundle of easy-to-follow resources to help you start:

  • Building your ESG strategy
  • Preparing yourself for ESG reporting
  • Streamlining your entire sustainability program
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Build Your Strategy

ESG reporting is a big undertaking for any organization and having the right strategy in place can be the deciding factor on whether you achieve the goals you set out.

Bring your ESG strategy to life with these resources designed to help you build an ESG strategy that will enable your sustainability program to achieve your goals.

Prepare Your Reporting

With dozens of ESG reporting frameworks and standards, it can be confusing to know where to start and which ones are most relevant to your organization.

Learn the basics of the most globally adopted frameworks and standards with these easy-to-follow resources.


Simplify Your Journey

There are many obstacles on the road to sustainability, from data management hurdles to gaining buy-in from stakeholders. Even the most experienced sustainability professionals can't avoid these challenges entirely.

Utilize these resources to help you prepare your ESG reporting program for the many ups and downs on your road to sustainability.

Let's Talk Sustainability Software

Ready to reduce timelines and take your program to the next level? Learn how the FigBytes Sustainability Platform can transform your complex data into simple reporting and actionable insights.