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Hunter Industries reinforces core business values with tech-driven sustainability program

Case Study

The Challenge

With Social Responsibility as a core business value and long-term goals set, Hunter Industries is committed to increasing employee development, reducing environmental impacts, and driving sustainable growth. However, with fragmented data and manual processes in place, it was becoming increasingly difficult to consolidate information from across the organization. The team also needed better insights into their progress toward achieving these goals. They were faced with challenges such as:

  • An EHS software that was unable to meet the requirements for tracking and reporting environmental and social data
  • Manual data collection, calculation, and management across multiple spreadsheets
  • Unreliable and erroneous data for progress tracking and communication
  • Resource-intensive reporting processes with many visual design tools
  • Internal stakeholder buy-in and budget limitations

To combat these challenges and continue to provide accurate insights to their sustainability progress, the Hunter Industries sustainability team was tasked with revamping the sustainability program.

The Benefits

Streamlined Data Management

Through a centralized data repository within a comprehensive and integrated ESG solution

Improved Data Accuracy and Reporting

With built-in processes to detect and address data errors and anomalies with a comprehensive and configurable ESG solution

Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement

With engaging visuals created and shared directly from the FigBytes ESG Insight Platform

The FigBytes Solution

With FigBytes’ integrated and intuitive ESG Insight Platform, Hunter Industries was able to solve their data and communication challenges. FigBytes streamlines data management and translates complex data analysis into engaging visuals that present accurate insights and progress tracking to stakeholders.

  • Centralized data collection, including electricity usage, fuel and water consumption, waste, charitable giving, employee demographics, and workplace hazard identification, from 50 different sites across the country
  • Improved GHG accounting and emissions management with the ability to extract data from external sources and centralize on one platform
  • Replaced manual reports with real-time, data-driven insights to track progress against corporate goals
  • Simplified creation of engaging data visualizations
  • Automated calculations and analytics to satisfy sustainability reporting requirements
  • Increased confidence in communicating sustainability and social responsibility achievements with stakeholders

About Hunter Industries

Founded in 1981, Hunter Industries is a family-owned company and a global leader in innovative water- and energy- efficient solutions for landscape irrigation, dispensing technology, outdoor lighting, and custom manufacturing. Their core mission will always remain the same: to deliver valued products and services backed by unwavering customer support, grow the company conscientiously, and remain true to the culture that makes their team proud to work at Hunter.

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