FigBytes Delivers Approachable, Real-Time Reporting to Investors

FigBytes Delivers Approachable, Real-Time Reporting to Investors

Case Study

The Challenge

Future-focused organizations understand the importance of investing in ESG to both secure the future of their business and fulfill their commitments to their employees, investors, and customers. So, when stakeholders of a global engineering and construction company increased focus on ESG and sustainability, especially transparent data-driven reporting against set targets, the company knew it was crucial to improve their ESG data collection and management to fulfill this need. When their sustainability team expanded their program to meet the new organizational goals, they ran into several challenges, including:

  • Fragmented and incomplete data that did not meet reporting requirements
  • An offline, manual process that relied on spreadsheets to manage data
  • New data requirements to support social and governance initiatives
  • Data capture, collection, and analysis gaps from projects and locations across the globe
  • Difficulty allocating their environmental impact on joint ventures and partner projects

To overcome these challenges and satisfy their investors’ demands, the team started the search for a solution that could accommodate their complex organizational and reporting requirements.

The Benefits

Streamlined Operations

With automated, real-time sustainability data capture, calculation, and reporting

Seamless Integration

To existing systems and processes with a comprehensive and configurable ESG solution

Increased Confidence

With built-in processes to detect and address data errors and anomalies

The FigBytes Solution

FigBytes’ comprehensive ESG Insight Platform provided this customer with a solution that alleviated their roadblocks and satisfied ESG reporting demands from investors and internal stakeholders. The FigBytes Solution included:

  • Comprehensive data tracking across 250+ facilities, including waste, electricity, fuel, water, air, travel, operational, and social data
  • Automated data gap detection and estimations based on historical data in the system
  • Visually engaging dashboards based on real-time data, shared with investors and stakeholders
  • Hierarchy structure with a tagging functionality to map out physical locations and their associated projects for accurate data collection, calculation, and analysis
  • Automated calculations that accurately attribute the resource consumption of each site for projects that involve multiple locations
  • Ability to track project attribution for joint projects based on the responsibilities of each partner

About the client

Operating in more than 50 countries, the FigBytes client featured in this case study is a large engineering and construction company that is headquartered in Houston, Texas. As a future-forward organization, they are committed to becoming the industry technology leader in clean fuels and carbon capture, while enabling the success of and providing a safe space for their globally diverse workforce as socially responsible employers.

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