Living Infographics™

Love the power of infographics to tell your story, but fed up with having to go to your graphics department or vendor every time you want them updated?

FigBytes connects your data to our Living Infographics that show your progress in real time.  Problem solved.

Your Strategy In Simple Pictures Driven by Data

We are all in the era of instant gratification where information is at our fingertips within seconds.  Social media has raised the bar for virtually every medium to deliver information when consumers, customers and stakeholders want it – now. 

FigBytes has pioneered data-driven storytelling, where the infographics on your intranet, social media and website are connected to our data modules and become another “view” to drive engagement, performance and brand.  Move beyond “retrospective reporting to stakeholders” to “real-time engagement with people”. 

Customized Infographics Linked to Your Live Data

Infographics are typically static images requiring manual updates when the data changes.  FigBytes allows you to report progress in as close to real-time as you wish by connecting your underlying data to relevant imagery.  You will have the ability to share with internal and external stakeholders showing progress in an engaging visual consistent with the expectation of a technologically savvy audience.